Despite our hard and long work, we still face some difficulties, and this may have led us to feel exhausted as we overcome one obstacle after another in order to find other obstacles before us that hinder our progress.

But if life can throw us to the ground at the moment we face great difficulties, then I hope that it does not lead to our complete frustration. Because obstacles can be the door to success. And because after that we will achieve success that goes beyond even what we had dreamed or expected!

Harriet Stewie says: If you find yourself crammed into a difficult situation and everything seems against you until you feel that you can not continue with it even for one minute, then never back down, because that critical moment will witness the birth of success. Wise advice … then apply it.

But many people view obstacles or frustrations as great difficulties that they cannot overcome or overcome, so they give up easily (sometimes while they are just a few steps away from their goal), and then spend most of their lives in that stage. It is sad that many people lack perseverance, courage and faith in survival and determination to achieve their dreams, and for this we can decide that we can reap the fruits of any ordeal that passes through us only if we are able to withstand a little extra time, and all this after Allah’s grace and help.

“Napoleon” says: “Every ordeal, every broken heart, and every failure carries within it seeds of happiness equal to or greater than that ordeal.”

Time will give rise to many grave accidents, and opportunities will arise for great deeds, and the world is waiting for your invitation; A call for guidance, victory, and peace to get rid of what is in it of the pain, and that your role is in the leadership of nations and the sovereignty of peoples, and these days are discussed among the people, and you hope from God that they do not hope, so prepare and work today, for you may be unable to work tomorrow, I have addressed those enthusiastic of you to wait and wait The cycle of time, and I address the retired to stand up and work, for there is no rest with jihad: (And those who strive hard for us, let us guide them in our paths, and God shines with the doers) (Al-Ankaboot 6: 69), and always forward.

The makers of life, when confronting adversities, calamities, and calamities, must charge themselves with faith and patience, and seek help from God Almighty to challenge failure and walk on the path of influence and success.